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Delivering what matters for
East Kilbride

This last year has been difficult for all of us and is why we need to focus on a COVID recovery Parliament, with a green agenda and a Government dedicated to achieving this.

As a local councillor I have gained a good reputation for getting results and making sure people have access to the vital services they require especially when under duress.

As your MSP I will be tireless in my efforts to make East Kilbride a vibrant, successful town once again. I will stand up for our Health Service, work to make our education system the envy of all and help to bring much needed investment and jobs back to our town.

It’ is for those reasons I’m asking for your vote. You are what matters, and I ask you to place your trust in me.



Over the past decade I have been a hands-on CEO of one of South Lanarkshire’s largest charities leading, building, creating events, greenspaces, and community facilities for the benefit of our communities such as K-Park Training Academy and the National award-winning K-Woodlands. 

I was proud to organise Lanarkshire’s first ever PRIDE. I will also be a powerful voice for you in Parliament.

Education Matters

For our country to succeed we need a well-funded properly resourced education system. Scotland used to be world ranking – it is now way down the league tables. This is the fault of the SNP Government. 

To bring jobs and prosperity back to our town this needs to change and become the priority it was under Labour.

Working for you

East Kilbride has experienced a disappointing decline under SNP misrule. Our town centre has been hollowed out, essential services such as bin collections, road gritting and grass cutting despite the best efforts of the workforce has been poorly delivered. 

We need a new direction with a focus on what really matters.

Unity is Strength ​

The economic case for Scotland leaving the United Kingdom is now weaker than when we voted to reject Independence in 2014. 

Only a vote for Labour will retain our historic links with the UK and transform Scotland into a bold, radical and hopeful country. Working together with our neighbours is better than divisive separation.

My Pledges
If Elected

I will campaign to change the way social care is delivered. Those employed to deliver these vital services are worthy of a better deal.

I will pressure the Government to improve education, increasing funding for Additional Support Needs, training for life and work.
I will support bringing all public transport under public ownership, improving services, to meet communities and passenger needs.
I will campaign to tackle Climate Emergency, reducing our carbon footprint, reinvigorating our Town Centre and creating green jobs.
I will campaign for NHS prescriptions for whole plant Medicinal Cannabis for sufferers of deadly and debilitating illnesses.

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